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Powder Coating

We operate a large capacity powder coating facility which is primarily used for our own requirements although we do offer a jobbing shop service for small to medium batch work up to 4m * 3m * 2.5m in size. We offer a range of standard coatings as detailed below and hold a stock of commonly requested colours, although any colour can be ordered for specific colour matches. We deal mainly with RAL, BS and Pantone colour systems.

Polyester Coatings

Standard polyester coatings suited to both indoor and outdoor use are available in a range of textures and gloss levels. Polyester powder coatings offer good resistance to weathering as well as performing well under elevated temperatures and are typically applied in thicknesses of 50-70µm.

Epoxy Polyester Coatings

Epoxy polyester coatings are suited for use in internal industrial environments where chemical resistance is required and are typically used on machinery, cabinets, tools and metalwork exposed to cutting fluids, solvents and elevated temperatures. Epoxy polyester coatings are available in a broad range of colours, textures and gloss levels although we generally only stock a limited range on the shelf. Dry film thickness is typically 50-70µm.

Epoxy Coatings

Ideal for the catering industry, epoxy coatings offer good colour retention, mar resistance, and a tough and easy to clean surface finish with an excellent aesthetic appearance.

Stove Enamelling

We offer a general stoving finish ideal for indoor use or to match existing paintwork specifications for older jobs. Specific finishes are also available for defence and electronics applications including DEF-STAN and Mil-Spec systems.

Epoxy Stoving Finishes

Epoxy stove finishes are better suited to outdoor applications and offer superior resistance to corrosion and chemicals and are often applied to exterior architectural metal work, public furniture such as benches & railings and parking fixtures. Pre-treatments, filling and primers are also available to meet requirements.

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